Sonnet #21

Bliss holds no prisoners.  Reason rarely lies.
Nor did she.  The pain feels like forever too.
Everything around seems like rain overdue.
I guess in order to flourish one cries.
“More beautiful than colors during Fall!”
That’s what I used to say about her.
I miss her.  When feelings fade, they blur.
Sands in my hands flowing through what I scrawl.
At least I don’t foresee a greater
disaster soon.  However, I miss my
Clare-de-Lune.  All that’s left to do is try…
Try again.  Try for me. Try for better.
Time heals my lonely heart.  Time always heals.
For now, I am trapped in achey feels.


Inspired by Robert Lowell

I am observing the social sphere from behind a barrier…
Most people do not even press their heads against mine
On the glass wall.

Incurably enervated and entirely unenthused,
I bury myself in my room.

I wanted them to breathe my love,
But, they still won’t acknowledge I have a heart.

I am a foreign creature, freshly released into
The world of sycophants

Sure, I shattered to bits.

But, her I am, Humanity, alive and free.
Purple is my soul, and the moon, well, it bears my breadth.

The dream world and a few select friends saved me when even my sanity abandoned me;
Anad therein lies why I never again will be a beacon of hope in an utterly mendacious world.