Things of the Past

I don't standby naive insensitivity. Surely, I have made this mistake before. But, I am moving on. I hope we all do...


Inspired by Robert Lowell

I am observing the social sphere from behind a barrier... Most people do not even press their heads against mine On the glass wall. Incurably enervated and entirely unenthused, I bury myself in my room. I wanted them to breathe my love, But, they still won't acknowledge I have a heart. I am a foreign [...]

Flowery for a Friend

As your emerald ocean eyes Wait for another pacific sunset surprise, All is bluish-green, white-capped calm. Wishes upon dandelions From forever ago still came true. Depressively aloof from all things not truth, Brood like a hedonist around folks that neither bop nor jive. I will strive for greatness forĀ as long as I live!

Fresh Start

Talking through tears And venting about issues I felt resolution in your words Regarding another man and pillow case tissues. I have no secret plan to undermine your dreams of love. ... Played my cards right I guess, Encouraging you to chase love. The rest of what the night, Wasn't conversation of up above. Neither [...]

Cupid’s Question

Let people appreciate you for how inspirational you are. I know it's hard. It's hard for me, too. But that's what we do for our friends, right? So let us appreciate and reciprocate The curiosity and love that makes the world go round! See the stars and grace in their eyes and actions. Life is [...]