Recently, I have become determined to watch every sunset.  Something about seeing the sunset super rainbow that forms in the sky and its reflection on the river leaves me wondering if nature itself is an artist.  Finally, instead of a night cap, I lose myself in the frosty sky, pondering the fate of life in the universe as night falls.


Lonesome and Ambivalent: A Portrait

One man sits on a bench.
Not a soul is around.

The riverside sunset
acquiesces into twilight.

The waning crescent moon is a lantern.
Then, come the stars.

Red leaves seem to be spread
against the blue-violet night sky.

Winter’s crisp coldness
seems to frost the sky.

There is a disturbing lack of snow.



Sometimes, you meet someone.  And, you feel like you’ve known them forever.  They same the same thing.  Then, a month later, they take it all back.  I guess drunken sweet nothings are sometimes just that super sweet but quite nothing.  It doesn’t how much I believed in them.  They were happiness, an infatuation, that decayed into something less.  This is my morning.  I will try not to think about it at work today.  Not because I am heartbroken.  Not because I hope sweet nothings will become my everything.  But because I bought the ticket and haven’t taken the ride.  And, she is so neat, sometimes, I forget she isn’t all I have in this city.  So I will walk around remembering for the next time.

Happy Saturday

Curiously enough, the waves of suicidal feelings and the consequent nights and drugs sprees that I should not have survived later transformed into my main reason for smiling in the morning.  So next time you feel like all is lost, just remember, every moment of depression could be the making of sweet, sweet transcendence down the road.  Don’t give up.