For the Ecosphere

So alone in a love-filled room. As I journey
Towards my tomb, I fear the impending doom.
I would be everything I should if I could.

Ostensibly at the very least, people don’t believe me.
They don’t agree with my desire to be reborn in a womb.
So I walk around wearing on my head a hood.

So much to atone for.
My sins loom behind and blockade me.
Life gets the best of me in its menacing meandering.

So many reasons to smile galore.
Cuddle with me by the sycamore tree.
I am not going to go out philandering.

I refuse to wager against fear anymore.
It just ends in tears anyways.

It just ends in tears anyways,
So I refuse to debase my intuition and feelings.
You are cut from the same sane fabric of resilience.

Let’s explore our polyphonic ways.
I just want to help break the glass ceilings.
I want to do so by glorifying your ebullience.

I have been a bad dude…
Some kind of mortician of my own dreams.
Imprisoned myself in abysmal regret.

To not inspire wonder is rude.
That has always been on of my themes.
Never wanted my nature to incite disrespect.

Truth is I don’t have time to hate myself, I don’t have time to fear myself, and I don’t have any desire to liberate myself.
But, I do have time tonight to give all of me to you.


Sonnet #18

To forget the sun and die by the moon….
The insides of my soul no longer bruised.

Freezing, wintry December evenings…
Cliche Oversoul dissolution.
Comfort the Goddesses and hug frowners.
Blithe spirits venture into the cold.

A chilling, breeze whispering Fuchsia!

Intrepid explorers exist perfectly
Kissing faces with a sweet, splendid smile.

Rise from infinities and dank skies…
Speak of tales so wondrous the coups just coo.
Oh, how they turn to dust in our hands
Like a sun from the heart of a wild lioness.

American Sonnet

We are the smiling faces they adore
Oh America, stars, stripes, and laud
We are the place the world loves and applauds.
Show your heart as it is.  Be steady and sure.

Whole nations pay to be one of us.
So let us pave the way most euphonious,
Stave off the pain of untimely death most harmoniously,
And remain the culture in which they trust.

Breathe the wind.  Reasons come in cute, sweet rhyming!
There’s time to be evil when we are dead.
Head north and chart hearts not yet known.
Find the waves of enlightenment while sailing.

Be the articulate sound waves–tranquildddddd.
For this laud, always be thankful.

Sonnet #14

Finding faith in the strangest of places,
Everlasting freedom coursing through my veins,
It seems like the saddest thoughts keep me sane.
Truth is, I’m puzzled by frowning faces.

Sure, I still worry. But I am not dead.
Life is ours to make of it what we must.
Love is ours to share with those whom we trust.
Let lovers speak of the arts in their head.

Here’s to the Eastern winds on wintry nights.
She is the flower I’m always missing.
She makes skies twinkle and hearts believing.
She the season that inspires delight.

Break free. Run wild. Always smile. And stay sweet.
Still Love resides in all the hearts I meet.

Sonnet #13

Forgive the demons in the inky voids.
Embrace the face of the present sublime.
We are spirits dreaming about this time,
Beings floating amidst huge asteroids.

Do you feel beauty and rest, Chaos?

Mother earth how sick you may one day be…
Nah, never. Here’s to yours’ to my safety.
Here’s to life lost. Let’s hear it for all us.
Fostering and dividing, fractious yet

Realms of white-hot suns, soothsaying hues of

Undying twilight ocean blue.
Onwards and always, forever…. Vapor trail…
Our love is too splendid to ever fail.
Forever unbound, sparking pure and true.

Anti Sonnet #8

Fall begins… Vibrant and Boosterish.
The crisp autumn breeze rids me of apathy.
The insides of my soul no longer bruised.
A chilling, breeze whispering of hope
Freezing, wintry December evenings
Cause blithe strangers to the world to stay in.
Comfort the Goddesses and embrace mouths.
Cliche Oversoul dissolution,
Kisses faces with a sweet, splendid smile .
Intrepid explorers exist perfectly.
Oh, how they turn to dust in our hands.
Rise from infinities and dark skies
Like a sunrise harboring secrets
Tales of wonder about sailing the stars.

Sonnet #12

Bliss holds no prisoners, nor is bliss all
that captivating.  “Free your heart. Beside
The whispering willow,” meadowlarks sighed.
What’s more beautiful than colors in Fall?

Nothing better than sweet, sordid leaves.
No disaster in sight.  We’ve remained sage
During the Red Fall. But who are we now?
There’s nothing worse than tragic empires.

Flowing throughout my veins like a real drug.,
Hugs make for confessions in times like these.
Free honest diplomats and fulfill needs
Elsewise, the Sun sets on the once wise hug.

Cultural shift to kindness.,, We’ve begun
To repent for not-our-fault misfortunes.