Sunshine and silhouettes
Rain puddles and mock ballet
Pity prancing is not begging

Sonic ocean sounds of love
Begging for no more beached whales.

Mother moon motivated to shine.
Most beautiful day
Transformed into starlit empire

Both north and south American night.

Goodnight East Coast
Enjoy Midwest
West coast keep boarding

May every family feel and be one

Moonlight-sunlight oceans that breathe
With gills and not pills

May flood us once more
With Gods as of beacons
And not guns as our quantum solace

Let us all praise the starlight’s armamentarium.

Recently, I have become determined to watch every sunset.  Something about seeing the sunset super rainbow that forms in the sky and its reflection on the river leaves me wondering if nature itself is an artist.  Finally, instead of a night cap, I lose myself in the frosty sky, pondering the fate of life in the universe as night falls.