Sonnet #20

Sent to you as love sonnets from afar,
Lyricisms transcend despair.  No dread.
So many memories flowing—all supreme.
I am experiencing brighter colors.

I feel nothing but dreams and improvement.
Red-purple, blue-green, and black-white-yellow,
I finally feel the right amount of mellow.
Despite desperate efforts for acceptance,

Few grow to know the doubt of happenstance.
There has to be something more to life.
Apocryphal hate-feels in the tirades.

I became so sad I could not even sing.
Life’s tough at twenty-three and no ring.
Bliss holds no prisoners, nor does it fade.


American Sonnet

We are the smiling faces they adore
Oh America, stars, stripes, and laud
We are the place the world loves and applauds.
Show your heart as it is.  Be steady and sure.

Whole nations pay to be one of us.
So let us pave the way most euphonious,
Stave off the pain of untimely death most harmoniously,
And remain the culture in which they trust.

Breathe the wind.  Reasons come in cute, sweet rhyming!
There’s time to be evil when we are dead.
Head north and chart hearts not yet known.
Find the waves of enlightenment while sailing.

Be the articulate sound waves–tranquildddddd.
For this laud, always be thankful.

On Love

When the end of my days arrives,
I will say whom I love most….

I will willingly whoosh free
And whisper it through the celestial waves
And frequencies to every last bit of soul
In the cosmic orbits we call our universe.

And, they will have chosen me every day
Like I choose Perpetual Groove’s
First set of Wakarusa 2012…
Before the bottled waters were everywhere.

I blame Pretty Lights.
And honestly, I hope it is just…
You, me, and God…

No not gods or idols…
It certainly won’t be a theory.
I hope it is the law of balance
That regulate the scales of justice.

You see, there is nothing wrong with me.

On the contrary,

I am intentionally a sunshine ferry,
a steamboat that makes you smile,
because I am in love with you and only you.

No!  This is not about my left hand.

Inasmuch, what’s good with you Baby.
Where have you felt the most alive?
And, who were you with?
Can I meet them?
Can I fall in love with you?

I know you won’t break my heart…
Yet all to often I let myself cry alone
By myself in fickle exacting sighs.

Can wait to spy your solar flare
Like eyes,

With bravado, vehemence, vivacity,
Sean Matthew Smith

Healthy Relationships

Tough to smile when not beside the ones you enjoy
even rougher trying to forget one’s Helen of Troy
We all find affirmation in friendship, love, and sex.
Yet rampant are so many, trying to forget their ex.
It was all decadence, but god damn we had fun.
I rejoice all of your sunspot eyes burning bright, never undone.

Possibilities burgeon from the lessons of intimacy’s past.

Every so often in a liberating friendship,
The one that plays with your teeth like a xylophone
Slips away into a healthy state disappearance
Without any warning or care.  But fret not,
For there may be no particular reason.
There is no reason to cry, but we all do.
Futility and shame stem, strictly, from wondering why.

Another door closes, another honey down.

Somewhere between having fallen too fast
and the right amount of of passion,
I don’t regret the ridiculous, yet far from meaningless,
substance fueled confessions of how I adore you all.
There is a beauty to flings at first sight.
Now that it’s gone, I gallivant in the moonlight.

Begin again with fearless fervor.  It’s all eternity anyways.

Tired and Unafraid


Stephen and Jessica are riding in a Subaru through a mountain pass.  The sunset is just above the snowy mountaintops of the Tetons.  The colors of a rainbow are splattered against the sky quite affectionately by the sun.

Jessica turns off the radio in the car, which was playing Modest Mouse’s “Bukowski”.


Stephen: Why?

Jessica: Because I just want silence and conversation right now.


JESSICA: Stephen?


JESSICA: Are you okay?

STEPHEN: I don’t know, ya know.

JESSICA: (Sighs in anguish) Quit saying you know.  I don’t know.

STEPHEN: I don’t know if I want you, too.  That isn’t supposed to…

JESSICA: Sound Mean?  Because it does.

STEPHEN: Ugh.  I’m sorry.  I just don’t want to be a downer.  This is supposed to be a fun trip.

JESSICA: It has been, is, and will be a fun trip.

STEPHEN: (Quietly) I love you.

JESSICA: Do you see that fading sunset?


JESSICA: It reminds me of you.  So effortless.  So beautiful.  And, it will fade into silence. But the stars are on their way.

They hold hands.

STEPHEN: Damn, you’re so sweet.

JESSICA: And, you’re so temperamental.  But that’s part of why your great.


Scenes of people skiing and snowboarding at Jackson Hole.  Steven and Jessica are racing down a slope on snowboards.  They finish at the same time.

JESSICA: That was fucking righteous.

STEPHEN: Kiss me.


STEPHEN: I am getting exhausted.

JESSICA: Let’s go grab some grub.

Push and slide to a restaurant/bar on the mountain.  Conversation over a beer and cheeseburgers.

JESSICA: What is that look in your eye, Stephen?

STEPHEN: What do you think it is?

JESSICA: I don’t know.  But it’s beautiful.

STEPHEN: I am just grateful.

JESSICA: Why, though?

STEPHEN: For you.  For your influence in my life.  I am so proud of you.  The way you stay incredible and caring through your distress is unmatched in anyone I have ever met.

JESSICA: Stephen you making me blush.

Kisses Jessica.

STEPHEN: Really, you have seen me through to the other side of gloom.  I love you.

JESSICA: I love you, too.