When all places seem to be dead ends,

The whole world may not forgive you,
But you will have made peace with yourself.

Acceptance of the right to improve
The most righteous way of life.

Here’s to repentance
For both wrongdoings and misgivings.

Here’s to never expecting a reward
In exchange or insulting behavior.

Let’s be politely honest all the time.

It’s all about ushering in self respect.

For Sure,
Sean M. Smith

For a Friend

Torrential worries fill my heat and mind.

This anxiety is like spiral staircase,
Which is questionably an overreaction,
All the same is a constant source of sorrow.

Pleading with for a platform to rest on
Or to escape the dizzying lack of
approachable center,

I’m left in the dark wondering if you may be
feeling the same nausea I do
That stems from being the only thing tethered to my reality.

That’s the thing about red-eyed and bleary-eyes…
They are both sad.

I do miss vacations from real with you,
even if I am mumbling half formed syllables
about the once upon a time that never was.

But, that’s the thing about substance induced oblivion.

One day, the pain of loss
Becomes so amplified,
It becomes all that there is.

Fear not, I guess.
The scrabbling, or grappling, for acceptance
works itself out eventually.

Please don’t make the mistakes,
which I have made, in the coming months…

Thrills and pills, trills and benders,
green clouds and yellow stains…
These are the choices you ace, Ace.

The former are predominantly what I recommend.
Don’t be afraid of you slip up a little.

Please be good to yourself, Old Friend.

Love you regardless I most certainly will,
‘Tis jus damnable offense to not speak
ones mind to a greathero who is susceptible to tarnishing.

Stay gold, Old Pal.


Adamantly flourishing amidst
a previously desolate dreamscape.

Of forgotten friendships
And unattended social events,

Friendships are everything to me now.

They are like fires.

Some are like out of control forest.
We don’t know why they happen.

All we know, is they leave destruction in their wake.

Others are like brick fire place beauties
that simply provide a warm comfort.

The blaze all sums up to one’s personality.

So keep in mind, sometimes,
you have to burn bridges
To avoid festering heart-pangs,
To avoid watching your world burn.

Hotel Ambivalence; A Romance with Me

I smoke cigarettes constantly
And drink wild amounts on unreasonable nights.

Struggling to stay reasonable and rational,
Irrationally dreaming of my dead friends who number five now,
I am that unreasonable bachelor, bored and apathetic,
Bounding and dancing to and from existential crises.

I have traversed treachery and ecstasy.

I have writhed and wept and loved many times.
My ascent of the mountain of madness left me tired.
How can the universe still be so remarkable?

How can a bleary-eyed comprehension of existence
Be anything other than utterly exhausting/

The worst times of my life are so arcane.
The universe’s unfolding seems so unrighteous but unshakable.

Perpetually wetting my cheeks with innocence tears for all life,
Lonely-lost-confused… Chaotic-inaccessible-untreatable.
I see blotches of colors and madness everywhere.  I don’t feel poorly about it.
What do you care if I daydream multi-colored sunflowers smooching while playing violas  on celestial beaches?
You shouldn’t because I don’t mind.  In fact, I love my nature.
I love every moment of this imperfect, bluish green, serene eternity.