Sonnet #1

“Never allow yourself to be tortured,”
She demanded before she rolled over.
I’ve begun to care for my not-lover.
I grabbed her dagger-like hips, sighed,
And began to feel calm. Equal treatment,
I guess.
Honesty typically deals what one deserves.
Honesty, I deserve her swerves and curves.
“Do you think of me in a sexy dress?”
I don’t fret or worry because it’s right.
We deserve affection and not insincere truths…
Our wandering spirit the world haunts.
Delicate dreams provide sight, might, and light.
I provide all I can that she duly wants.
Facing each other, we discuss our youths.




On Love

When the end of my days arrives,
I will say whom I love most….

I will willingly whoosh free
And whisper it through the celestial waves
And frequencies to every last bit of soul
In the cosmic orbits we call our universe.

And, they will have chosen me every day
Like I choose Perpetual Groove’s
First set of Wakarusa 2012…
Before the bottled waters were everywhere.

I blame Pretty Lights.
And honestly, I hope it is just…
You, me, and God…

No not gods or idols…
It certainly won’t be a theory.
I hope it is the law of balance
That regulate the scales of justice.

You see, there is nothing wrong with me.

On the contrary,

I am intentionally a sunshine ferry,
a steamboat that makes you smile,
because I am in love with you and only you.

No!  This is not about my left hand.

Inasmuch, what’s good with you Baby.
Where have you felt the most alive?
And, who were you with?
Can I meet them?
Can I fall in love with you?

I know you won’t break my heart…
Yet all to often I let myself cry alone
By myself in fickle exacting sighs.

Can wait to spy your solar flare
Like eyes,

With bravado, vehemence, vivacity,
Sean Matthew Smith

Cupid’s Question

Let people appreciate you
for how inspirational you are.

I know it’s hard.
It’s hard for me, too.
But that’s what we do for our friends, right?
So let us appreciate and reciprocate
The curiosity and love that makes the world go round!

See the stars and grace
in their eyes and actions.

Life is as captivating as chasing lighting bugs
When one keeps the people they find neatest
near and dear to their unshackled heart.

Healthy Relationships

Tough to smile when not beside the ones you enjoy
even rougher trying to forget one’s Helen of Troy
We all find affirmation in friendship, love, and sex.
Yet rampant are so many, trying to forget their ex.
It was all decadence, but god damn we had fun.
I rejoice all of your sunspot eyes burning bright, never undone.

Possibilities burgeon from the lessons of intimacy’s past.

Every so often in a liberating friendship,
The one that plays with your teeth like a xylophone
Slips away into a healthy state disappearance
Without any warning or care.  But fret not,
For there may be no particular reason.
There is no reason to cry, but we all do.
Futility and shame stem, strictly, from wondering why.

Another door closes, another honey down.

Somewhere between having fallen too fast
and the right amount of of passion,
I don’t regret the ridiculous, yet far from meaningless,
substance fueled confessions of how I adore you all.
There is a beauty to flings at first sight.
Now that it’s gone, I gallivant in the moonlight.

Begin again with fearless fervor.  It’s all eternity anyways.

Morning Song

It’s Time to Live

I am riddled with the delight
Of not knowing what I shall be doing tonight.

Whatever it may be, it will certainly be glorious,
For we are all notorious for instigating good times
And sunset rhymes.  All day.  Everyday.

Like a Riverbed of snow,
We are a condensate of the flow of time
And the theoretical sublime.
We live in a wonderful, wholehearted world.