Sonnet #19

I love myself for all that I’ve ever been.
I feel right with myself and mental health.
We all ascend our own mountain.
When I think of how I miss all of you…

All I want lately is you to come around
To lay under the hellfire heavens of greying skies
Of the highs that waltz into our everyday.

While we burn bright-hot, let’s melt
Every one’s icy misgivings until the mountains
Are submerged, the fires extinguished,

Surely, all that will be left is one enormous
             sea of love.
Let’s build bridges over teary-valleys.
To reckon a supreme state of Love…



Like a sun
From the heart
Of a wild lioness.

Tales of wonder
Sailed about the stars,
Heralded you
Long before you were born.

A golden time and place
rests within all of our minds.

What if this beautiful, blissful experiences are reality?
The rest… Well, the rest is chaos.  Or more appropriately,
Forgotten truths that lost meaning to a particular group.

Tonight my Dad said, “Stay hip with the times
And more importantly, stay true to your heart

So much delight.
So creatively free.

Between you and me, I always accept them…
you know, the happy thoughts.

Why? Because…

Because, I’d rather die wrong and happy than wrong and sad.

For my Ex-Girlfriend: Man Am I a Sweet Heart Or What?

Hearts may be fragile, but fate is inviolable.
Love is both malleable and lifelong.
It may even be eternal: plural and difficult.

Sure, distance is daunting, while fear of being–
a mere memory–is haunting. But, what are you?

What do you find yourself most wanting to do?
Seeking is to living like dreams are to desires,
yet living all to often eclipses of being,
whilst Dreams are the light itself.

In your heart, there’s a fire that resounds and inspires.
Chase fickle feelings and undying dreams in the beautiful
Yet revered moonlight like that’s all there is to do.

Remain both patient and vigilant.
Sometimes settle for less professionally…

It’s just capitalism.

Love and imagery are the opulence of this Earth.
Usher in smiles, rain or blue.  Take on yourself
That soul of yours has much development to do.
Because, quite frankly, it does. Why? Because…

Because that’s what life is…
Beatific isn’t it?

Always cheering you on,

Sonnet #10

Crying out for help, only to land in the arms
Of my girlfriend.  She is so swell, well, and sweet.
I think I love her but I tell no one.

The only direction to proceed is forwards.
How far I fell from grace.  There’s life to live
Though.  So I am going to keep smiling.

Drugs don’t excite me.  Meds do.  So does she.
There are few folks that bring more joy to me
Than she does.  That’s her middle name,,, Joy.

Somewhere between starstruck and beautiful
The crescent smiles keep on a’coming
Zoomed across America straight to her heart.

Now, I scribble sonnets in my notebook
About her.  And, I am real about it.

I’m So Dope

1) This guy called my girlfriend cute on Facebook. So I tagged my childhood best friend in the photo, and declared how pretty she is to me. I proceeded to like his comment that he had no life. Oh how badly I don’t feel about it. I am laughing pretty hard about it to myself.

2) In the past month I quit waking up at two in the afternoon. Now, I wake up before sunrise. If I have learned anything from the experience, the lesson of the AM is never settling for too little.

3) Sure it is important to not lie! Recently, I read an article on Medium that talks about the art of overpromising. Ostensible broken promises receive a stark contrast with lies in the piece. Through juxtaposition, the author inspires his readers to believe that promises are best labeled as dreams that haven’t come true yet.

4) All of this considered, the only thing that matters most is not lying to oneself. Where integrity lacks, Love is dead.

Lifting the Veil

Wandering lost in a world
Which only teases hope and truth
There may be no termination of sensation

No rest or salvation either

Only bombardment of beauty and bliss

Combative downward spirals
At an oceanic candle light vigil

Entirely to much freedom in a half broken reality
Stygian darkness knows no kindness

This is real
This is unrest
This is chaos

Entirely to much freedom in a half broken reality
Stygian darkness knows no kindness

Immersive commotion and decay
Aloneness is madness
Illumination is temporary
Our ironclad hearts rusted
By dubious efforts to find solace

Here lies the prison of solitude

Fresh Start

Talking through tears
And venting about issues
I felt resolution in your words
Regarding another man and pillow case tissues.

I have no secret plan
to undermine your dreams of love.

Played my cards right I guess,
Encouraging you to chase love.
The rest of what the night,
Wasn’t conversation of up above.

Neither a promise of marriage,
Nor a prevarication of kinks,
Can be found in just another

Conversations of ours to date.

Whether we find openness, love,
Or a ménage-a-trois, is up to fate.

You see, I blame not the heavens
For romances’s demise,
For the end of youthful relationships
Occurs, often, in light of new beginnings.

Fear not my casting you with to the shadows
With all of your charm, beauty, and charisma!
And if you are you to unearth someone more
calm, cool, and composed than I,
I doubt I the pain will be more than a harrowing cry or two.

But if it winds up as working out
And isn’t just another lustful bout
If you are someone I can enjoy on the long term,
Then there blessed will be us both.