Flowery for a Friend

As your emerald ocean eyes Wait for another pacific sunset surprise, All is bluish-green, white-capped calm. Wishes upon dandelions From forever ago still came true. Depressively aloof from all things not truth, Brood like a hedonist around folks that neither bop nor jive. I will strive for greatness for as long as I live!


Lonesome and Ambivalent: A Portrait

One man sits on a bench. Not a soul is around. The riverside sunset acquiesces into twilight. The waning crescent moon is a lantern. Then, come the stars. Red leaves seem to be spread against the blue-violet night sky. Winter's crisp coldness seems to frost the sky. There is a disturbing lack of snow.  


Sometimes, you meet someone.  And, you feel like you've known them forever.  They same the same thing.  Then, a month later, they take it all back.  I guess drunken sweet nothings are sometimes just that super sweet but quite nothing.  It doesn't how much I believed in them.  They were happiness, an infatuation, that decayed [...]

Hotel Ambivalence; A Romance with Me

I smoke cigarettes constantly And drink wild amounts on unreasonable nights. Struggling to stay reasonable and rational, Irrationally dreaming of my dead friends who number five now, I am that unreasonable bachelor, bored and apathetic, Bounding and dancing to and from existential crises. I have traversed treachery and ecstasy. I have writhed and wept and loved [...]

A New Me

My head was in my hands because I ruthlessly pursued a friendship and a dream.  I guess my intensity and fussiness bothers people.  But I cannot stop.  I cannot slow down.  And, quite frankly, I do not want to.  I vowed to pursue my dreams.  And, the clock is ticking.  I will be impatient.  I [...]