Flowery for a Friend

As your emerald ocean eyes
Wait for another pacific sunset surprise,
All is bluish-green, white-capped calm.

Wishes upon dandelions
From forever ago still came true.

Depressively aloof from all things not truth,
Brood like a hedonist around folks
that neither bop nor jive.

I will strive for greatness for as long as I live!


Lonesome and Ambivalent: A Portrait

One man sits on a bench.
Not a soul is around.

The riverside sunset
acquiesces into twilight.

The waning crescent moon is a lantern.
Then, come the stars.

Red leaves seem to be spread
against the blue-violet night sky.

Winter’s crisp coldness
seems to frost the sky.

There is a disturbing lack of snow.


Without A Coma

I always thought I would age like a fine wine.  Instead, I just drank tons of wine for almost a decade.  I woke up this morning, twenty-two and nowhere.  I never realized that sitting around and making wishes doesn’t make a life.  It makes for time passing mockingly and a lonely life.


Sometimes, you meet someone.  And, you feel like you’ve known them forever.  They same the same thing.  Then, a month later, they take it all back.  I guess drunken sweet nothings are sometimes just that super sweet but quite nothing.  It doesn’t how much I believed in them.  They were happiness, an infatuation, that decayed into something less.  This is my morning.  I will try not to think about it at work today.  Not because I am heartbroken.  Not because I hope sweet nothings will become my everything.  But because I bought the ticket and haven’t taken the ride.  And, she is so neat, sometimes, I forget she isn’t all I have in this city.  So I will walk around remembering for the next time.

Hotel Ambivalence; A Romance with Me

I smoke cigarettes constantly
And drink wild amounts on unreasonable nights.

Struggling to stay reasonable and rational,
Irrationally dreaming of my dead friends who number five now,
I am that unreasonable bachelor, bored and apathetic,
Bounding and dancing to and from existential crises.

I have traversed treachery and ecstasy.

I have writhed and wept and loved many times.
My ascent of the mountain of madness left me tired.
How can the universe still be so remarkable?

How can a bleary-eyed comprehension of existence
Be anything other than utterly exhausting/

The worst times of my life are so arcane.
The universe’s unfolding seems so unrighteous but unshakable.

Perpetually wetting my cheeks with innocence tears for all life,
Lonely-lost-confused… Chaotic-inaccessible-untreatable.
I see blotches of colors and madness everywhere.  I don’t feel poorly about it.
What do you care if I daydream multi-colored sunflowers smooching while playing violas  on celestial beaches?
You shouldn’t because I don’t mind.  In fact, I love my nature.
I love every moment of this imperfect, bluish green, serene eternity.

A New Me

My head was in my hands because I ruthlessly pursued a friendship and a dream.  I guess my intensity and fussiness bothers people.  But I cannot stop.  I cannot slow down.  And, quite frankly, I do not want to.  I vowed to pursue my dreams.  And, the clock is ticking.  I will be impatient.  I will get drunk.  I will fuck.  I will cry.  Wherever and whenever I want.  I will truly live out my passions even if it leaves me exhausted and ruined.  I will not feel the need to apologize.  I am nauseated at how long I felt ashamed of how I act, of my past, of Earth’s history, of my Nature.

I refuse to wait for accomplishment. All is epic, all is well.  I vow to be my biggest fan.  Not my family.  Not my future ladies.  Not my best friends.  Me!  I will never peruse reality for a better me.   I am beautiful.  I am entirely incredible.  I am perfect.


Love: To Be Continued

Get lost with me?  I want to feel so smart and beautiful I turn into an alien because we might as well be aliens.  I’ve grown tired of laws and morals being the basis of conversation.  I want the kind of love that makes me forget all of it.  I want beatitude filling my veins.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.