Lifting the Veil

Wandering lost in a world Which only teases hope and truth There may be no termination of sensation No rest or salvation either Only bombardment of beauty and bliss Combative downward spirals At an oceanic candle light vigil ... Entirely to much freedom in a half broken reality Stygian darkness knows no kindness This is [...]


Destination Uncharted

Gossamer daydreams under frosty night skies What is a lifetime in the grand cosmic scheme The innumerable constellations Their wisdom is lost on us Existence accelerating towards incompetence Totalitarian and intentions spirituality rife Stars are destroyed in the blink of an eye Stars are born in the wink of an eye Evolutionary Biology in all [...]

Letter to Followers

So, I start school at the University of Alabama tomorrow... Truth is, I want to become a mathematician.  And since I love science, my minor is Physics.  To me, there's something about the way time ticks.  With immeasurable longevity, Time, as well as space, are the arbiters of all phenomenon.  Perpetually pondering feelings, histories, and [...]

Time’s Potential

What better a world than one that teems with productivity and progress, fairness and kindness, or awe and wonder? ... Pretentious untruths are soul devouring. Wicked insensitivity, the center of the pattern. To be a moral man is to be an excellent man. I seriously doubt even Nietzsche would reject my tone. What is nihilism [...]


If only we could see the same beauty in Earth That we see in the frosty-eyed sky... There is no guarantee of forever being, Yet maybe we can branch towards the eternal together. I wager that even if we cease to be as a force of life, We can curate a place worthy of future [...]

Tangential Truths

Cultures of conscientious sentience Coalescing whilst magnifying amalgams Into forever rippling puddles of sanctity. Woe... More like Woah?!? Oh, how we all hide in our electric shells. Courses deviate from celestial norms all too often. If and only if we feel rage or sorrow In a world of blankets and curves, Will we then quit [...]