Sonnet #15

Break free. Run wild. Always smile. And stay sweet.
Never accept defeat. Cheer up all your fans
Life itself is neat. So align with where she stands.
Life’s not a pursuit. It’s love in the street.

Live long. Stand tall. Feel splendid. Tell stories.
Embrace the fanciful things in their heart.
And, always remind them that they are smart.
You will never regret talking of their glories.

Carry with you on your back your fate.
Like it is a golden treasure we can’t measure.
Never feel fleeting and love today.
One day they might be your lovely first mate.

You’re the reason they smile so much more
For you’re the constant Joy which they adore.


Fresh Start

Talking through tears
And venting about issues
I felt resolution in your words
Regarding another man and pillow case tissues.

I have no secret plan
to undermine your dreams of love.

Played my cards right I guess,
Encouraging you to chase love.
The rest of what the night,
Wasn’t conversation of up above.

Neither a promise of marriage,
Nor a prevarication of kinks,
Can be found in just another

Conversations of ours to date.

Whether we find openness, love,
Or a ménage-a-trois, is up to fate.

You see, I blame not the heavens
For romances’s demise,
For the end of youthful relationships
Occurs, often, in light of new beginnings.

Fear not my casting you with to the shadows
With all of your charm, beauty, and charisma!
And if you are you to unearth someone more
calm, cool, and composed than I,
I doubt I the pain will be more than a harrowing cry or two.

But if it winds up as working out
And isn’t just another lustful bout
If you are someone I can enjoy on the long term,
Then there blessed will be us both.