Destination Uncharted

Gossamer daydreams under frosty night skies
What is a lifetime in the grand cosmic scheme

The innumerable constellations
Their wisdom is lost on us
Existence accelerating towards incompetence
Totalitarian and intentions spirituality rife

Stars are destroyed in the blink of an eye
Stars are born in the wink of an eye

Evolutionary Biology in all of its willy-nilly topsy turvy glory
Careens through the universe with Life at the wheel
Where are we to go if there is no center

Circumspect and limited in Nature
Memory’s power and availability must be reserved



If only we could see the same beauty in Earth
That we see in the frosty-eyed sky…

There is no guarantee of forever being,
Yet maybe we can branch towards the eternal together.
I wager that even if we cease to be as a force of life,
We can curate a place worthy of future populations.

Tangential Truths

Cultures of conscientious sentience
Coalescing whilst magnifying amalgams
Into forever rippling puddles of sanctity.

Woe… More like Woah?!?

Oh, how we all hide in our electric shells.
Courses deviate from celestial norms all too often.

If and only if we feel rage or sorrow
In a world of blankets and curves,
Will we then quit regressing and find true powers.

Never setting, unapologetic suns,
which oscillate functionally as churches of contentment,
Leave only love as the everlasting beacon of hope.

The true guides are hyper dimensional dopamine rewards.

As synchronistic moments sound out solace,
May memories exist in flux forever.
May the empire of the empirical be forever deeper analyzed,
Diverging only when force is portending both the overt and the onerous.

May some phenomenons forever be left in voidness.
Let’s forever usher in autumn and the freshness of
Each birth of solar systems.

As we move on as a species
In a non-fractious progressive procession of infinite glory–

We are entirely responsible beings in a cosmos of multitudinous forms.

May we pontificate and congeal eternal Freedom for respect and beauty.

Two Rivers Flow

To seek beauty in the eerie
yet beautiful blues…
‘Twas all I ever meant to do
by you

But you got tangled in my twisted,
Cold world.
And, here I am, struggling
but trying.

And there you are
as empty as the glass before you

With Love


Welcome all to the cosmic plane,
of space, time, and consciousness

As we coalesce peacefully,
as we undulate within ubiquity,
and within the ethereal
unlimited powers of gods and goddesses,

May we irrevocably cease to equivocate
And sound out only images of eternal worth.

Evermore Loving
Nevermore Ceasing

Sean Matthew Smith


We’re born into a preexisting world
Straight from other dimensions.

To overcome the chaos,
One must be happy they woke up
In this world and not in another universe.