On Love

When the end of my days arrives,
I will say whom I love most….

I will willingly whoosh free
And whisper it through the celestial waves
And frequencies to every last bit of soul
In the cosmic orbits we call our universe.

And, they will have chosen me every day
Like I choose Perpetual Groove’s
First set of Wakarusa 2012…
Before the bottled waters were everywhere.

I blame Pretty Lights.
And honestly, I hope it is just…
You, me, and God…

No not gods or idols…
It certainly won’t be a theory.
I hope it is the law of balance
That regulate the scales of justice.

You see, there is nothing wrong with me.

On the contrary,

I am intentionally a sunshine ferry,
a steamboat that makes you smile,
because I am in love with you and only you.

No!  This is not about my left hand.

Inasmuch, what’s good with you Baby.
Where have you felt the most alive?
And, who were you with?
Can I meet them?
Can I fall in love with you?

I know you won’t break my heart…
Yet all to often I let myself cry alone
By myself in fickle exacting sighs.

Can wait to spy your solar flare
Like eyes,

With bravado, vehemence, vivacity,
Sean Matthew Smith


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